-Kali linux

-wireless usb pen(not mandatory)



In kali linux you can find Wifite in Menu,in the section Wireless, or you can just open the terminal and type: wifite.

Step 1 :When wifite opened, the program will ask you how much devices you want to be in “monitor mode”.We recomend you that you have a wireless pen, because not all intern devices on computer allows this mode. If they don´t, they will send you a message.

Step 2: Select the number of the wireless network that you want to crack , or select “all”, and wait.

Step 3:

It can happen one of three things:

1: It starts making the test, showing up a message

2: The program tells you that it can´t hack that network, so it moves to the next(if you had selected all) or quits “scan”

3: he finds the password or the pin of WPS

In the last case,it will show up a message like this one:

But i didn´t found the password!

There are multiple things for you can´t get the password. One of them are obvious: your network is well configurated, congrats!

It means that you don´t have the WPS active, or that you have some protection on your router.

That means that he only can connect with passwords, and in this case, this tool don´t use a dictionary, so you will use another tool for testing up.

REMEMBER: This tool is a BASIC TOOL and it´s totally automatic without user interaction.





Special thanks to: hackersportugal.com