This tool only works for cracking wifi passwords. And, of course, it´s free. But remember that you only can use it if you have permission for that.

>>>>>>>>>>>You can find passwords dictionary here ou here  <<<<<<<<<<<<

Step 1:

Download it in the oficial website (direct link for the apk) or in this miror.

Step 2:

Install and open the app. You will see a list of the wireless networks.

Step 3:

Choose a Wireless network you want to crack and select the method like you see in the image:

Step 4:

Configure the type of attack you want to use (more complex, slower) and click Add to queque

Now you have to wait for the attack finishes.

Some tips:

  • In Android the crack can take a long time.8 passwords per minute is a good average.
  • You can find passwords dictionary here ou here.
  • This app uses a lot of battery